You can call me Edith (weizenwind) wrote in breadbakers,
You can call me Edith

Help with texture?

I've had the basics of breadbaking down since I was a kid, but my technique hasn't progressed that much since then. Now that I'm addicted to my grain mill, I want to learn some new things.

My main question is how to change the texture. Whenever I make bread, it has pretty much the same texture: soft, small crumb, with a little more "oomph" depending on how much whole-grain flour I put in there. When I buy bread from a good bakery, it has that wonderful open texture and more chewiness on the inside. How do I do that? Different temp when rising? Different recipe? I know just a little bit about using biga--is that what I need? And can anyone further my knowledge of that?

Thanks for any help!
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