Pumpernickel-dono (pumprnickeldono) wrote in breadbakers,


So, I found a recipe for Roggenbrot but when I tried making it, the loaves refue to finish baking. They are ALWAYS nearly raw on the inside! Recently, I even baked a pair of loaves for more than twice the time I was supposed to, the outside was burning, but the inside still doughy. I then tried baking at a lower temperature, but this had no effect on the outisde or inside, I rose it a bit until it started having an effect, but then I was only 50 from the original temp, and after another doubled amount fo bake time, no good. Now just yesterday I tried a new pumpernickel recipe (which resembled that roggenbrott recipe in baking times and temperature) and it said to bake a bit then cover with foilf and finish baking, might this turn my roggendough into roggenbrott (the wordplay would have sounded better if I knew the german word for dough).
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